Ingrum Waste Disposal

This list is a guideline to help us in serving you better! Please call if you have any questions!

* You are allowed 110 gallons per pick up. You may fill our 96 gal toter and have an extra bag beside it to equal 110 gallons.
* Although actual pickup times vary, our routes start at 7:00 am, you will want to have it out early to avoid being missed on your scheduled route day.
* Please have your toter out to the designated pickup area, alley or curb.
* We can NOT take yard waste. (Grass, leaves, twigs, limbs)
* We can NOT take burnt (It is not acceptable at the landfills we utilize)
* We request any large item be called in to be taken by us.
* All electronic waste requires special handling. (Computers, Monitors, computer keyboards, printers, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, E-readers (nooks, kindles) televisions, vcrs, dvds, fax machine)
* The six holidays we observe are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Day. IF those days fall on your reguarly scheduled route day it will put you and the rest of the week one day behind.
* We bill the 15th of every OTHER month.

Residential service includes a weekly toter service in Edgar and Clark counties. Call the office for pricing and pick up days in your area.

Commercial includes a rear load dumpster for small business owners in Edgar and Clark counties. Call the office for the services provided and pricing and scheduled pick up days in your area.

We can also pick up your bulk waste!!
This is items that are just too big to fit in your regular toter or barrell. Includes but not limited to appliances, furniture and mattresses. Call to have your extra taken away!

Residential and Commercial Service